Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring Benefits:

  • Structured Wiring Panels “Future-Proof”your home against changes in technology, by providing a versatile organized structured wiring plan for your home.
  • All Phone, Cable, and Data (Internet) is wired to a central location in the home.
  • Internet Modems, Routers, and Switches are concealed in the Structured Wiring Panel to eliminate clutter on top of desks or countertops.
  • Easier serviceability
  • Wiring used for Phone can easily be terminated to provide a wired internet connection anywhere in the house.

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Patch Panel Advantages:

  • Patch Panels provide a termination point for home audio and video cabling.
  • Each wire’s termination point provides labeling and assigns its function in the system
  • Speakers, Data (internet), Cable/ Satellite wiring, Home Automation Control Cable, can all run to one panel for ease of access and a clean installation.
  • Patch Panels are generally located behind equipment racks, and/ or in the same equipment closet as the Structured Wiring Panel.

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